Introducing Maple Direct, the new lending arm of Maple Finance.
June 28, 2023

From infrastructure providers to exchanges and the capital allocators that back them, Maple Direct launches to meet the growing institutional demand for a trusted direct lending desk in Web3.

The new direct lending arm is operated by the Founding members of Maple Finance who have the Wall Street capital markets experience to bring professionally managed lending strategies to the digital asset space. Over the past few years, the team has played a central role in developing Web3 capital markets, and the team has overseen $2BN in loan originations, grown to hold a 60% market share of institutional lending on-chain, and been trusted by over 1800 sophisticated institutional asset allocators.

PWC estimate that blockchain technologies could boost the global economy by $1.76 trillion by 2030. Driving that growth is the maturation of start-ups into powerhouses, innovators into captains of industry, and the adoption of blockchain technology into every household in the world. The establishment of a sophisticated debt market is essential to facilitate the evolution and economic growth of the space.

Early entrants to the market have since exited the space, damaging trust on the way out and leaving Web3 businesses without a reliable debt capital source.

Maple Direct addresses this gap by offering borrowers access to debt capital through trusted, transparent blockchain infrastructure, bypassing banks and intermediaries. And providing capital allocators like Funds, DAOs, HNWIs with access to professionally managed lending opportunities that meaningfully reduce credit and counterparty risk through best-in-class compliance and controls.

Maple Direct will make use of Maple Finance’s established network, data and robust technology to fuel its growth and power its lending.

“By launching Maple Direct today, we pave the way for a new industry standard. We witnessed first-hand the shortcomings of CeFi last year and will raise the bar for lending desks through a commitment to compliance, transparency, and quality. We welcome institutions on the lend and borrow sides to take advantage of the team’s professional expertise and dedicated focus on direct lending within the digital asset space”. Sidney Powell, CEO and Co-Founder, Maple Finance.

Maple Direct will soon launch its first lending product designed to meet the needs of both lenders and borrowers. Set to launch in July, the team will issue bespoke loans to Web3 businesses across sectors with outside capital from institutional allocators across the globe. For the first time on Maple loans will be overcollateralized and secured by BTC, ETH, and staked ETH collateral using new technology developed by Maple Finance in partnership with a leading Qualified Custodian.

We welcome institutions on the lending and borrowing sides to arrange a call with the Maple Direct team for more information. Speak to the team.