New and Improved Maple Cash: 2024 update
January 9, 2024


  • Fast. Maple Cash has been upgraded, now offering lightning fast same-day withdrawals for lenders
  • Efficient. Earn interest block-by-block, from the moment you deposit until the moment you redeem
  • Automated. The only offering in the market where the NAV is calculated automatically by smart contracts on-chain, in real-time with no room for human error
  • Transparent. Verify the treasury bills backing the pool on the Maple WebApp directly
  • Short Dated. Shortest duration underlying portfolio on the market, protecting lenders against interest rate risk


Since launching in May 2023, the Maple Cash Management Pool has established itself as a leading on-chain treasury management solution, providing seamless on-chain access to yield sourced from short-dated treasury bills.

The strategy has attracted more than $65M in deposits across Ethereum, Solana and Base, with more than 50% from corporate treasuries/DAOs using the pool to hedge inflation and extend runway whilst minimizing risk taken on treasury assets. Lenders are earning ~4.8% net APY currently, with the freedom to move in and out of the pool as needed without flat deposit or redemption fees.

In 2024, the product has been upgraded, offering rapid liquidity with same-day withdrawals on U.S. banking days, enabling smooth, highly efficient cash management.

Maple Cash delivers the best liquidity, transparency and risk-management available

Instant Yield, Unmatched Efficiency

  • Seamless earnings with continuous interest: From the moment you deposit, your funds begin earning interest. No delays, no waiting.

Innovatively Transparent

  • On-chain clarity: With our advanced smart contract infrastructure, witness real-time, error-free Net Asset Value (NAV).

Liquidity on Demand

  • Fast liquidity, delivered reliably: Smooth, on-chain liquidity in USDC with same-day withdrawals available on U.S. banking days.

Minimize Risk, Maximize Returns

  • Strategic yield sourcing: With the shortest duration product on the market, Maple’s curated portfolio of U.S. Treasury bills shields you from interest rate volatility.

New Withdrawal System brings same day liquidity for Lenders

The withdrawal manager for the Maple Cash Management pool on Ethereum and Base has been overhauled to make withdrawing from the pool faster and smoother. Withdrawals will now be serviced in a queue-based system, ordered by request timing.

Key Changes:

1. One click withdrawals - simply place your request, and funds will be returned to your wallet in less than 24 hours

  • Previous System: Lenders take two actions - first, place a withdrawal request; second, return to the pool to claim withdrawal inside a 15 hour window the following banking day.
  • New System: Lenders only take one action - simply placing a withdrawal request. Funds are then automatically returned to the whitelisted wallet in <24 hours when liquidity is returned to the pool, with no other action required.

2. No more waiting for window to open - higher utilization and unmatched capital efficiency

  • Previous System: Lenders need to wait until 2PM ET the next banking day to withdraw from the pool, even if the liquidity is available earlier.
  • New System: Withdrawals are immediately serviced when liquidity is available.

3. (Coming in early 2024) Modify your withdrawal request on the fly as your liquidity needs change

  • Previous System: Lenders cannot cancel or modify withdrawal requests and need to wait till the window closes to cancel and amend.
  • New System: Lenders will be able to cancel or modify their requests if their needs change, as long as the request has not been serviced. Increases to withdrawal requests will result in shifting to the back of the withdrawal queue.

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Details on market alternatives sourced from relevant public documentation. Protocols included within ‘Alternatives’: Ondo USDY, Ondo OUSG, OpenEden, Backed Finance