Streamlined accounting with Monthly Interest Statements, built by Maple
June 5, 2023

Informational Monthly Interest Statements are now available to download from the ‘Account Overview’ tab. Built by Maple, in consultation with a Big 4 accounting firm, funds, and individuals the new release gives Lenders immediate access to their lending history, allowing them to easily track their balances and streamline their recordkeeping.

Wallet tracking and tax reporting tools don’t currently provide the information required to easily track lending balances. Historically, Lenders have had to either interpret 'Account Overview' information or request statements from the Delegate. This is an unnecessary administrative burden.

With this build, statements are standardized and the process automated, providing all Lenders with information on-demand and releasing the Delegates' time for more value-add activities. As Maple attracts more participants it’s important that all Lenders, regardless of size or type are supported with their recordkeeping needs. We are pleased to enhance the Lender experience and be the first on-chain protocol to provide commonplace accounting documentation.

To access monthly interest statements, simply log in to Maple and click the 'Your Interest Statements' tab on the 'Account Overview' page of the Lender dashboard. Statements incorporate balances from all pools and are available to download at any time.