Meet Maple's Network Partners, Enhancing Institutional Lending
October 4, 2023

Maple's commitment to excellence in institutional lending and dedication to providing top-tier services and solutions to our valued clients has led us to establish the Maple Network Partner program.

Maple’s Network Partners are leading providers of products and services that institutions require to onboard with Maple. The Partners encompass a wide array of categories, including accounting and tax services, qualified custodians, risk monitoring and data providers, wallet and custody technology, and more. These partners are carefully curated to ensure that our clients have access to the best resources available to them. Visit page.

"We have formalized our existing partnerships into the Maple Network Partner program and selectively onboarded leading counterparties in areas most valuable to our institutional customers. Improving the customer experience is a constant focus; by doing so, we delight existing customers and remove frictions for new customers. We are proud to introduce our Network Partners and look forward to establishing relationships with more leading providers over time." Joe Flanagan, Co-founder, Maple Finance.

Since launching in May 2021, Maple has served over 1,500 lenders, over 80 borrowers, and 15 diverse pools have operated on Maple. Each customer uses Maple differently, below we share how different use cases are enhanced with Network Partners.

  • Secure Wallets: Lenders seeking secure and straightforward access to Maple can rely on our recommended wallet providers. These partners, such as Coinbase Prime, Metamask Institutional and Qredo, offer cutting-edge wallet and custody technology, ensuring the safe and efficient management of deposits.
  • Accounting and Tax Reporting: For lenders life becomes less complicated post-deposit thanks to our network of accounting and tax service providers. Companies like Bitwave and Entendre Finance streamline financial operations, providing invaluable support to our clients.
  • Qualified Custody: Borrowers leveraging Maple Direct for their lending needs can rest easy knowing that their collateral is held with regulated qualified custodians like BitGo.
  • Monitoring: Delegates operating lending pools with Maple’s blockchain technology benefit from a seamless experience, thanks to wallet and custody technology partners. Additionally, data providers like Credora and TRM Labs empower them to monitor risks effectively, ensuring they have a finger on the pulse of their loan book.
  • Security Audits: Financial institutions seek to securely integrate Maple's smart contracts with their legacy systems, and need the necessary security and assurances in place. That's why we have included our trusted long-time auditors, Three Sigma and Spearbit. These auditing firms provide the rigorous oversight needed to operate a secure lending business with Maple’s blockchain technology.

At Maple, we remain committed to delivering excellence and value to our institutional clients. We invite you to explore our partners and the unparalleled services they offer, as we continue to build bridges and foster relationships within the industry.