Maple's H2 2023 Product Roadmap
July 18, 2023

In H1 2023, Maple shipped open-term loans, which expanded the flexibility of the platform and empowered Delegates to control pool liquidity, mitigate risks for Lenders, and service withdrawal requests. Additionally, Maple enhanced the lending experience by providing monthly interest statements and more borrower information on pool pages to facilitate informed decision-making by Lenders.

As we enter H2 2023, Maple's product focus is to introduce innovative features and functionalities that will attract new institutional users to the protocol and serve them with a familiar, high-touch experience, delight existing users with more opportunities and enhanced services, and prepare for scale by removing frictions for institutions, individuals and partners alike.

Maple is pleased to unveil its product roadmap for the second half of 2023. We arrived at the below features through consultation and collaboration with current and prospective partners. If you would like to use Maple, but don’t see what you need to get started, please drop a note here.

Active Collateral Management built to enable overcollateralized lending on Maple:

One of the flagship features on Maple's H2 roadmap is Active Collateral Management, designed to enable overcollateralized lending. The Active Collateral Management feature requires the value of collateral to stay above a specific threshold to protect lender capital.

Maple will partner with Qualified Custodians to securely store collateral assets and develop the necessary technology to seamlessly liquidate collateral, share margin calls, and provide transparent displays of collateral assets and their value to lenders. This integration will enable borrowers to store their collateral with confidence, knowing that their funds will not be rehypothecated. Moreover, lenders will have real-time transparency into the collateral assets held and their current value, shedding light on large-scale lending opportunities.

An over-collateralized Open-Term loan with cross-chain collateral will be the most advanced lending product offered by a DeFi platform and will soon be available on Maple through Maple Direct.

User Authentication features built to streamline account access and management:

Recognizing the importance of a seamless and secure user experience, Maple is set to release an authentication system for Delegates, Lenders, and Borrowers. As part of the roadmap, the team is set to release the first version of authentication for Delegates, followed by versions for Lenders and Borrowers. All users will soon have the option to access Maple with a unique user ID and Single Sign-On (SSO), streamlining account access and active management of their accounts. This feature caters to teams of all sizes, allowing them to have different profiles on Maple based on their level of authority or remit.

This feature will provide the base layer for access to the platform into the future and enable feature development on top of it for things like notifications and storing legal documentation in App. By establishing a direct line of communication between customers, their stakeholders, and the Maple team we provide a more personalized and high-touch experience to our institutional customer base.

Platform-wide permission for onboarded Lenders:

The platform-wide permission feature will enable Lenders to access all eligible pools on the Maple, eliminating the need for repetitive onboarding processes and making it easier to access multiple pools and build a diverse portfolio on Maple. The feature will see connections with other platforms and Know Your Customer (KYC) providers made and lay the foundation for increased user adoption and a more interconnected DeFi landscape.

Interoperability of the LP tokens to enhance liquidity and utility for Lenders:

Liquidity Provider tokens or LP tokens are issued to Lenders and represent their position in a pool. Maple recognizes the value of Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens and aims to explore their utility within the broader crypto landscape. The team is actively investigating ways to incorporate LP tokens into other ecosystems in a compliant and scalable manner. By enhancing the liquidity and utility of MPL LP tokens, Maple aims to establish stronger connections with decentralized finance products and services, creating greater benefits for Lenders.

Connecting Web3 to Maple through Partnerships and Integrations:

As Maple continues to bridge the gap between traditional and decentralized finance, the platform actively seeks partnerships and integrations. These collaborations enable seamless access to Maple's Cash Management Solutions, such as the USDC and USDT products, which pass through the 1-month U.S. Treasury Bill rate and facilitate next-day withdrawals. Furthermore, Maple's partnerships with Custodians will enable efficient borrowing and lending facilities, connecting with pools that provide overcollateralized lending through the Active Collateral Management feature. By connecting key players in Web3 to Maple, the platform drives innovation and activity in the evolving DeFi landscape.

Maple's product roadmap for H2 2023 encompasses key developments, including active collateral management, user authentication enhancements, platform-wide permission for eligible lenders, strategic partnerships, and LP token enhancements. With a focus on delivering the most advanced on-chain capital markets platform, through collaborations and continuous development, Maple is well-positioned to shape the future of decentralized lending and contribute to the growth and adoption of Web3.