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Whether you’re interested in our product, pools, or people there’s no shortage on news from Maple.

Latest news

Q2 2023 Treasury Report

Joe Flanagan14 Sep 2023

This quarter saw Maple returning to growth and demonstrating our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.

q2 treas

Maple Brings Cash Management Solution to Solana

Charlotte Dodds23 Aug 2023

Maple Finance will return to the Solana blockchain and launch its established Cash Management Solution in the next 2 weeks.

Maple Solana, Protocol, Pools
solana cash

Maple Enters Growth Mode to Take the Lead in DeFi Lending and Beyond

Charlotte Dodds22 Aug 2023

Maple has engaged new growth-oriented supporters and proposes tokenomics upgrades and commercial initiatives to establish itself beyond DeFi and into the world of traditional finance as a leading lending marketplace and technology provider.

Protocol, Tokenomics, Governance

Maple Closes Strategic Funding Round Led by Blocktower Capital and Tioga Capital

Charlotte Dodds22 Aug 2023

The funding initiates a multi-year, comprehensive growth roadmap designed to see Maple establish itself beyond DeFi and into the world of traditional finance as a leading lending marketplace and technology provider.

Protocol, Financials

Letter from AQRU: Receivables Pool Posts Strong Performance and Increases the Yield and Liquidity for Lenders

Charlotte Dodds10 Aug 2023

The AQRU Receivables Pool has performed exceptionally through its first 6 months and receivables are beginning to settle. AQRU enhances the lender opportunity by nearly doubling the yield, reducing minimum deposit size and enabling weekly withdrawals.

aqru update

Cash Management Solution Opens to U.S. Domiciled Accredited Investors and Entities

Charlotte Dodds09 Aug 2023

Maple’s Cash Management Solution now operates with a Reg D exemption so U.S. domiciled Accredited Investors and Entities can confidently access a conservative yield backed by U.S. Treasury bills on-chain.

Pools, Protocol
cash us

Maple's H2 2023 Product Roadmap

Joe Flanagan18 Jul 2023

As we enter H2 2023, Maple's focus is to introduce innovative features and functionalities that will attract new institutional users to the protocol, delight existing users and enable future scalability by removing frictions for all protocol participants.

h2 prod

Maple Opens Access to Cash Management Solutions for USDT Holders

Charlotte Dodds07 Jul 2023

Operated by trusted third parties, the USDT Cash Management Pool ensures the same level of security and reliability as Maple's established Cash Management product.


Maple’s Enhanced DAO Governance Process to Provide the Foundation for Protocol Development

Charlotte Dodds03 Jul 2023

Maple has formalized a robust governance process to empower participants and foster the growth of the Maple Protocol. This significant update marks a crucial step towards creating a dynamic DAO where ideas thrive and aims to encourage numerous proposals and collaborative efforts to enhance the existing protocol infrastructure.

Protocol, Governance

Introducing Maple Direct, the new lending arm of Maple Finance.

SID POWELL28 Jun 2023

With the formation of Maple Direct, Web3 now has a specialist digital native lender.

Protocol, Team

Introducing Open-Term loans, Built by Maple

Charlotte Dodds06 Jun 2023

Open-Term loans can now be issued on Maple. Built with Pool Delegates, the new lending feature expands the flexibility of the Maple platform to serve the needs of all protocol participants.

ot loans

Introducing the Cash Management Pool. Where onchain allocators put idle capital to work.

Charlotte Dodds19 Apr 2023

Specifically designed as an onchain cash management solution - the pool simplifies access to US Treasury bill yields and meets the liquidity, risk and accounting requirements of customers.

Pools, Protocol

Maple's Q1 2023 Treasury Report

Joe Flanagan12 Apr 2023

Protocol, Financials
h123 treasury

M11 Credit has opened a new pool to lend to premier low-latency trading firms

Charlotte Dodds30 Mar 2023

M11 Credit has opened a new pool to lend to premier low-latency trading firms. M11 Credit is strengthening its lending business with a new Head of Credit and an improved risk management framework.


Streamlined accounting with Monthly Interest Statements, built by Maple

Charlotte Dodds28 Mar 2023

Informational Monthly Interest Statements are now available for Lenders to download from the ‘Account Overview’ tab.

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